Learn More About AVA’s Brand Alert ™ for Amazon Sellers

We’re proud to announce a new AVA feature… Brand Alert ™!

Brand Alert ™ helps you avoid brands that commonly have IP complaints filed against Amazon Sellers. This is absolutely crucial to protect your seller account… especially if you’re a Retail / Online Arbitrage seller!

If you’d like to learn more about IP complaints as related to selling on Amazon in general, here are some independent resources:

Seller Central – Intellectual Property Complaints
Seller Central – Bogus IP Complaints by Supplier

As you can see, it’s extremely useful to know which brands are filing, or are commonly used to file, IP complaints against Amazon sellers! (sometimes these come from unscrupulous competitors filing false complaints)

How does Brand Alert ™ work?

If you have the AVA Chrome Extension for Amazon Sellers installed, then you’ll see Brand Alerts in various places in the Amazon UI. Currently we’re showing them on Product Pages (Consumer UI) and Product Search Results (Consumer UI). Such as these pages…

If it doesn’t have a Brand Alert ™, am I in the clear?

Not necessarily!

Just because AVA isn’t showing an alert for a particular brand… that doesn’t mean you’re authorized to sell that brand!

In the same way that just because you got approved through Amazon to sell the brand… that doesn’t mean you’re authorized.

There’s a difference between selling something legally and selling something in an “authorized” way as determined by brands and Amazon policies. You may be 100% in the right, legally speaking, but ultimately… this is Amazon’s playground and you’re playing by their rules.

AVA’s Brand Alert ™ is simply a tool to help you make an educated decision regarding the brands you choose to sell!

( i.e. We don’t imply or accept any responsibility or liability if you have our extension installed and still get IP complaints! It’s your responsibility to take decisions regarding what brands you do and don’t sell on Amazon. )

What are the various reasons a risky Brand may not show an IP complaint alert on Amazon?

A brand may not be showing an alert due to:

  1. Lack of submission by our users
  2. Brand name mis-match (close, but not exact match to all variations)
  3. Software bug ( that happens in all software and is to be expected )
  4. Slow connection or failed HTTP request

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