Software License Agreement (EULA)

Software End User License Agreement

( Applicable to all downloads of our software )

You agree that you've purchased (or have been provided an avenue to) a SOFTWARE LICENSE for our product. You agree that you do not own the software itself, but instead hold a license. You may use our PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE as long as you maintain a valid license.

Your license (or sub-license) entitles you to LIMITED USE as explained in the sales documentation and this license agreement.

Your license is LIMITED AND REVOKABLE, non-transferable, non-exclusive, etc. We RETAIN ALL RIGHTS and this agreement does not constitute a transfer of, or waiving of, any rights.

You WILL NOT DISCLOSE details of, COPY, OR DISTRIBUTE the software except as allowed by the specific terms of your license.

You WILL NOT attempt to REVERSE ENGINEER the software or CIRCUMVENT MECHANISMS put in place to enforce our license.

Violating the terms of this agreement may REVOKE YOUR LICENSE and make you LEGALLY LIABLE for damages.

The software is provided AS IS and WITHOUT WARRANTY. If you suffer losses due to any reason related to your usage, we're not financially responsible. In addition, you agree to arbitration of any disputes in a jurisdiction of our choosing.

This license MAY BE UPDATED AT ANY TIME and changes will be considered in effect after 7 days. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you of those changes so you may decide to opt out. (voluntarily revoking your license)

Your CONTINUED USE of the software CONSTITUTES AGREEMENT with this license. If at any point you do not fully agree with the license terms or your license is revoked for any reason, you should immediately discontinue use of the software and cause deletion of any and all copies related to your license.

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